Instructor Michael Ramey | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Michael's Background

Michael Ramey has been teaching photography to the students at the Art Institute of Seattle and Seattle Central College since 1996.

He has been specializing in corporate photography since 2002, and has produced work for a wide array of organizations, including Boeing, Microsoft, Children's Hospital, 3M Corporation, and more.

He holds a BFA in photography and advertising from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and a MA in Education from Argosy University.

Michael's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present material to students?

Most of the imagery I present in each class is coordinated with the objectives of the assignment and comes from my large body of work and decades of varietal assignment and advertising photography. I provide additional website and local asset links to the students, specific to the learning objectives.

The convenience of weekly assignment groupings of imagery collected and made accessible from within my website makes this extraordinarily efficient. The students are able to work at their workstations and simultaneously see the images on a high-quality iMac representation.

How you interact and work with students?

My decades of adult education instruction have afforded me the opportunity to interact with a wonderful variety of individuals, with unique backgrounds and learning objectives. I pride myself on developing a proactive and individualized learning experience by evaluating the students needs, desired outcomes and experience(s).

In addition I have acquired a high level of education with regard to student learning styles, curriculum development and best practices which I incorporate into my delivery.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

My continuing education class is one of free-flowing communication and the desire to deliver as much information as I possibly can. Each week we have a 'community response' or critique and individual workstation instruction. These adult learners are attending by choice, are busy, and motivated. I tap into that energy and run with it towards the specific objectives of the assignments.

Michael's Testimonials

The class was put together in a very thoughtful and deliberate manner based on the instructor's passion and years of experience. The instructor is kind, patient, and cares deeply about the student's needs in a fun and productive atmosphere. - Jack Vogel

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