Mickey Vrlec De La Serna | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Mickey's Background

Mickey Vrlec De La Serna graduated from Boitsov Classical Ballet School in Chicago, Illinois in December 2002 with the title of "Professional Classical Ballet Dancer." Her formation as a dancer took place from 1992-2002 under the direction of her teacher, Mme. Elizabeth Boitsov, Artistic Director and founder of Boitsov Classical Ballet. In December 2002, she graduated with a diploma in Vaganova Technique, completing her study of classical ballet, classical variations, pas de deux and character dance (a style of balletic folk dance that intends to give a sense of national character and color) including Spanish, Russian, Russian Gypsy, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, and Hungarian character dances.

In January 2003, Mickey was accepted as a member of the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company. She has danced many roles in the traditional classical repertoire including "The Girl" from the ballet "Le Spectre de La Rose," "Maria" from the ballet "Fountain of Bakhchiserai," "Solo Waltz," "Nocturne," and "Prelude," from the ballet "Les Sylphides," as well as many variations from classical ballets, "Swan Lake," "Don Quixote," "Raymonda," and "Sleeping Beauty,”as well as original works created by Mme.Boitsov, including The Cat from "Cat & Fox" from the ballet "Pinocchio," The Blue Fairy from the ballet, "Pinocchio," Fortune Teller from "Gypsy Passion," as well as the leading role of Gretel from the ballet, "Hansel & Gretel" for the 25th Anniversary Performance.

Mickey was also extensively trained by Mme. Boitsov to teach classical ballet in the Russian Vaganova-Tarasov technique, and she has been teaching at Boitsov Classical Ballet since 2005. In January 2014, Mikey became Associate Artistic Director of Boitsov Classical Ballet School & Company.

In addition, Mickey has studied flamenco dance intensively with Flamenco Chicago Artistic Director Ms. Rosetta Magdalen for many years and has also been individually coached by Ms. Magdalen. She has also studied with flamenco greats Carmela Greco and Marija Temo. She has taught beginning to basic 3 levels of flamenco to adults at Flamenco Chicago and was also the Director of the Flamenco Kids Program at Flamenco Chicago, teaching flamenco dance to children age 5-12. Mickey also worked as an Artist-in-Residency/Flamenco Teacher for Ensemble Español Center for Spanish Dance and Music's "Bailamos" Arts Education Residency Programs. Mickey also performed in Chicago for local school assemblies with Flamenco Chicago, as well as many community events and performances.

While Mickey loves to perform, she also loves teaching and sharing her love of dance with others. Currently, Mickey teaches beginning flamenco classes (multi-generational) at American Dance Institute in Seattle (since March 2017). She recently performed along with her husband for an event with Seattle Host Families.

Mickey moved to Seattle with her husband, Andres and pet bunny rabbit, Marley in February 2017 and has totally embraced the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature and weather and does not miss the cold winters of Chicago.

Mickey's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present materials to your students?

I use an erasable board for combinations, I provide hand-outs typed by me, and print-outs from the internet related to class.

How do you work with and interact with your students?

I interact with my students on a personal level and try to not overwhelm them. I use humor and try to cross points without harming one's self-esteem.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

I promote positivity, self-empowerment and self-discipline, friendliness and self-awareness.

Mickey's Classes