Instructor Mike McCaw | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Mike's Background

Mike McCaw spent 20 years as a research scientist at Weyerhaeuser, focusing on process optimization in paper and pulp mills. Energy savings in these mills is most often a process of heat recovery and reuse, and the methods used for that are directly applicable to distillation equipment.

In 2000, he co-authored “The Compleat Distiller” with Mike Nixon, and the two of them founded the Amphora Society in Auckland, New Zealand. Over the next few years, they experimented extensively and designed some uniquely efficient distillation equipment.

In 2009, Mr. Nixon retired, and Mike reincorporated the Amphora Society in Seattle. The company publishes books related to distilling, designs and manufactures distilling equipment for small commercial distilleries, and consults around the world on the design and operation of small scale distilleries.

Mike's Classes