Milani Silva - Capoeira Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Milani's Background

Milani Silva, known in the Capoeira community as Contra-Mestra Guerreira, trained in Brazi with Mestre Curisco and has been teaching Capoeira in Seattle for eighteen years.

Upon moving to the Seattle area in 1999, they decided to train students in the Capoeira School, Capoeira Malês.

Contra-Mestra Guerreira has taught Capoeira workshops in Washington DC, Toronto, Miami, and Brazil.

She's deeply involved in sharing Brazilian culture with the Seattle community.

Milani's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present materials to your students?

I like to present my material in an interactive manner.

I encourage and welcome participation by having everyone exercise, warm-up, and practice together.

I love to immerse my students in movement and capoeira music.

How do you work with and interact with your students?

I try to make sure that the students feel welcomed by catering to the individual's strengths.

I believe that Capoeira is for everyone, every body type, and every level of fitness.

I make sure my students have a positive environment to try out Capoeira movements.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

I promote a positive, encouraging, and energetic environment.

Capoeira is a movement focused, and participation focused martial art, therefore I make sure that everyone is welcome to try out new things.

In each class, we will have exercise, music, and dance.

Milani's Classes

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