Instructor Rebecca Boon | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Rebecca's Background

Rebecca Boon started her ESL teaching career in Japan, where she lived for three years. Upon returning to the US, she got her Master's Degree at the School for International Training, where she did a teaching internship in a small Mexican town.

After completing her internship, she moved to Seattle, where she began teaching for Seattle Central College's refugee program as well as for the ESL Intensive Program at the University of Washington.

She has been teaching full-time for Seattle Central's Basic and Transitional Studies program for several years, which has been her favorite place to teach because of the students. She enjoys working with permanent resident ESL students, helping them gain the cultural communication skills they need to succeed.

Rebecca has also taught several classes in the TESOL Certificate Program for the Continuing Education program, which has been very rewarding as she's been able to share her experience and expertise with others who want to teach English to students in the US and abroad.

Rebecca's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present material to students?
I use many different methods for presenting materials in the classes, depending on the purpose and goal of the lesson.

I rarely give traditional lectures; I prefer to cover materials in a guided, interactive way with engaging textbooks, group conversations, handouts, PowerPoints, videos, guest speakers, and websites.

How do you interact and work with students?
In all of my classes, interacting with students is my main approach to teaching.

I can do my job best when I know both the skills and the needs of my students, so whether we are using CANVAS, the online system at Central, or working in the classroom, my goal is to assist students as they work to reach their goals.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?
I promote a classroom of mutual respect, an interest in what other students can contribute in group study, group projects, and group conversations.

I respect that students in my classes come from different cultures with different life experiences and viewpoints from my own, and I encourage and expect all students in my classes to respect this and learn from this, too.

Rebecca's Classes