Instructor Todd Buckley | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Todd's Background

Trading in silicon chips for copper stills, Todd Buckley is a technologist turned distiller.

He has worked at Intel and Microsoft and has been instrumental in producing award-winning gin and vodka.

Todd is the founder of Destiny Spirits and lectures about the business of distilling.

Todd's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present material to students?

I believe the best way to learn is to teach, therefore, I am always learning and I encourage my students to share information that they've newly discovered or have been taught.

By sharing knowledge, we all get better and that is the goal.

How you interact and work with students?

Learning is about doing and I encourage everyone I am sharing knowledge with to make mistakes and do things that may seem absurd.

That is where discovery occurs.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

Learning must be interesting and engaging. If I can do those two things then I believe the classroom dynamics will take care of themselves.