Class Overview

Beer is a beverage that has been a prominent part of human civilization for thousands of years. It is a drink that brings people together.

Beer and Brewing Basics - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

In the U.S., as well as in many other countries around the world, beer is offered at most social gatherings, sporting events, concerts, cultural occasions and celebrations.

It is so entrenched in our culture that when it was temporarily banned during prohibition in the early 1920's and 30's, it resulted in the development of organized crime and bootlegging.

During this workshop, learn how this favorite beverage is made and delve into the science of brewing.

Expand on what you know about the raw ingredients that you can use to brew beer.

Enjoy step-by-step guidance on how to brew up a batch of your own tasty beer at home.

This course can also be good preparation for anyone considering jumping into the field of professional brewing.

After taking Beer and Brewing Basics, you'll be ready to brew!

Learning Outcomes

Students will leave this course with:
• a basic understanding of how beer is made from raw ingredients to procedures used to brew a batch.
• an introductory level view of the science of beer and brewing.
• enough guidance and step-by-step instruction to brew a batch of beer at home.
• a side-by-side comparison of home brewing and professional brewing for those who may be considering jumping into the field.

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone with a general interest in beer and brewing
  • Novice homebrewers
  • People interested in entering the brewing field professionally

Instructor Video

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Adam Frantz
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $79