Personal Enrichment Classes -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Explore new interests and develop skills in a supportive community with expert local instructors.

Art, Music, Dance, Photography & Writing

Learn to paint, draw, write, take photos and more.

Home Improvement & DIY

Explore woodworking, personal finance, home repair, cooking, food and drink.

Language & Travel

Learn a new language or brush up rusty speaking skills in a dynamic class guided by expert language instructors.

Fitness and Health

Get active in fun classes for the body, mind and soul: dance, martial arts, yoga, fitness and health.

Recreational Boating

Expand your boating skills through the Seattle Maritime Academy.

Intuitive Art: Paint for Your Life | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Aromatherapy for the Holidays
Brazilian Portuguese - Level 1 | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Wellness Classes
Plan Your Perfect San Juan Island Cruising | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education