Personal Enrichment Classes -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Explore new interests and develop skills in a supportive community with expert local instructors.

Art, Music, Dance, Photography & Writing

Learn to paint, draw, write, take photos and more.

Home Improvement & DIY

Explore woodworking, personal finance, home repair, cooking, food and drink.

Language & Travel

Learn a new language or brush up rusty speaking skills in a dynamic class guided by expert language instructors.

Fitness and Health

Get active in fun classes for the body, mind and soul: dance, martial arts, yoga, fitness and health.

Recreational Boating

Expand your boating skills through the Seattle Maritime Academy.

Senior Series

Explore our NEW series of classes designed for older students and offered during the daytime.

Intuitive Art: Paint for Your Life | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Aromatherapy for the Holidays
Brazilian Portuguese - Level 1 | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Wellness Classes
Plan Your Perfect San Juan Island Cruising | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education