Class Overview

Oldtime Fiddle (Charlie Beck) - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegePlay the fiddle! Learn how to play the fiddle (aka violin) in the old American traditional style including dance tunes from Appalachia, the South and Midwest.

Discover fiddling technique and stylistic approaches through fun and accessible tunes. In this class, you will also have the chance to learn a bit of history as well as the current cultural role of this vibrant, engaging music.

Develop bowing technique and knowledge about the fretboard for oldtime fiddle. Learn from a local musician and enjoy participating in a group of other beginning fiddlers.

Total beginners are welcome. The instructor will welcome you enthusiastically. The violin can initially feel awkward. Hang with it and sweet rewards await you!  This class will be a good foundation for a long and fulfilling journey through this traditional music.


Supplies Needed

Please have the items listed below ready before the class:

  • Fiddle (violin)
  • Bow
  • Rosin
  • Tuner

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Play tunes on the fiddle  
  • Play better by ear
  • Understand historical context and current culture of this vibrant, engaging music
  • Use basic bowing skills
  • Have a workable knowledge of the fingerboard for oldtime fiddling 

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone who is interested in playing fiddle -- total beginners are welcome!
  • People interested in the history of rural America through fiddle music
  • Anyone who wants to play for dances, and gatherings in this traditional style 

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Charlie Beck
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $59