Class Overview

Instructor Charmaine Slaven - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeHave you always wanted to play the guitar? Or are you ready for a new hobby? Learn the basics of playing guitar in this fun, hands-on class for beginners! 

Learn everything from how to hold your pick properly, play basic chords and play simple scales. Then you are ready to play a song!

Enjoy participating in a group class and learning along with other beginning students.

Playing guitar is a wonderful way to express yourself through music. Learn from instructor Charmaine Slaven, a professional musician who started playing as an adult, and strongly believes it’s never too late to learn about music!

Supplies Needed

Please have the items listed below ready before the class: 

  • A playable guitar in good repair
  • A guitar pick
  • A notebook or folder
  • Optional but recommended: a guitar strap and a capo

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Have basic knowledge of your instrument
  • Be able to play several basic chords and scales on your guitar
  • Be able to play a simple song!

Who Should Take this Class?

Anyone interested in learning the guitar -- total beginners welcome!


Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Charmaine Slaven
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $109