Class Overview

Explore the ancient art of encaustic painting,Encaustic Painting - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College using cold wax, a technique dating as far back as the 5th century BC.

Gain knowledge about the history of this ancient art.

The instructor, Georgetta Gancarz, has written a book on this subject that she will use in class.

Learn how to use the materials specific to this technique, while painting on canvas and wood.

Develop your creativity and freedom of expression be exploring an art form that is new to you.

Create three to four finished textural paintings.

The process is easy, safe and fun!

The only requirement is a desire to learn a new type of art and create texture with wax!


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the process for encaustic painting and using cold wax
  • Become familiar with how to use the materials for this art form
  • Learn the history of this ancient technique
  • Create original paintings using cold wax
  • Expand your creative expression

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning about and trying this art form
  • Art students interested in exploring a new medium
  • Painting students wishing to further their skills by learning this ancient painting technique
  • Anyone already interested in encaustic and cold wax painting interested in furthering their studies by learning from a professional artist with expertise in this special art form

Session Details