Class Overview

Introduction to Printmaking -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Monotype by Alex Chubotin "King of South"

Learn fun, creative and playful printmaking techniques.

Explore various methods for making prints such as monotye and collagraph.

Experiment with various materials and methods for printing by hand -- we will not be using a printing press in this class.

Printmaking produces affects that are make it distinct and beautiful.

The pressure of printing creates textures and patterns not possible when painting or drawing directly on paper.

Discover the dynamic process of printmaking which leads to unexpected results which makes the experience exciting and especially rewarding.

The collagraph plate can be a piece of art by itself!

Create your own unique art and be able to make multiple editions of prints, one of the wonderful benefits of the printing process.

Experience the power of making art by hand!

All levels of experience in making art and printing are welcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the printmaking process.
  • Gain experience printing by hand.
  • Develop skill, personal techniques and experience making prints.
  • Create original works of art that you can take home.

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Beginning art students
  • Art students or artists who are interested in using new techniques and materials
  • Anyone interested in exploring printmaking for the first time or wanting to further develop their skills and experience

Session Details