Class Overview

Watercolor Painting | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Original art by the instructor, Yulia Chubotin

Expand your creative expression by learning how to paint with watercolors! During this beginning level hands-on workshop, you'll tap into your own inherent creativity through guided exploration, as well and gain inspiration  from great works of art.

Learn the basics of traditional watercolor techniques, while exploring how to combine watercolor with other media and materials such as ink and graphite. You will be guided in analyzing and exploring color.

In this class you will have the chance to work with subject matters ranging from still life, to examples by master artists, to abstraction, and your own imagination.

The class will evolve as we go to meet the individual interests and expression of the students in the class.

Please bring any watercolor supplies you already have, but do not buy anything. The instructor will review materials on the first day of class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn basic watercolor theory
  • Discover how to pair watercolors with other mediums
  • Practice painting under the direction of a skilled artist

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Beginning artists
  • More experienced artists who seek to expand their creative expression

Student Testimonials

I love everything about this class. Yulia is amazing. Fun, well-structured, informative.

I think Yulia has worked out how to teach on line quite well.

It's so wonderful to have an experienced instructor/artist who gives us the right instruction/feedback, and also it's comforting to have a loosely-knit community of students.

Yulia was a wonderful instructor! Very engaging and interesting, as well as talented. I would absolutely take a class from her again.

Great instructor, great presentation. Very well organized and focused on techniques in a structured way. - Karen Hogue

I felt like Yulia treated us like proper art students. She went over several techniques, showed us examples from known artists, and then shifted from student to student so we all had individual attention. she offered encouragement, helpful suggestions, and worked with us to master the technique. I have only had a handful of art classes previously, mostly from my youth, and I felt very supported and inspired.

The format was perfect: information, demonstration, practice. Yulia is a great teacher. Her demeanor lessens the intimidation factor of an art class -- 'it's only paint!' - Carole Kitchell

Yulia's generous and pointed suggestions of the practice work. In a Winter course, the scanned examples of the week's theme by past masters was a superb way to extend the lesson into what has been done skillfully before.Very skillful technique.

Yulia exposes her students to a wide range of artists and resources. I think she's a very thoughtful and generous teacher, trying to help every student. - Jeannie Neely

In each class, the instructor herself demonstrated a watercolor technique and showed pictures of how well-known artists used them in their art. When the students started practicing the technique, the instructor went around and helped everyone individually. Both parts of the class were very useful to me.

Yulia did a great job breaking the course down by color and technique. She gave specific feedback on our painting that was appropriately geared towards the experience of each student. -- Linda Mummy

"Surprisingly and remarkably good."

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Yulia Chubotin
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $229