Class Overview

Book Publishing Arts - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Author and Instructor, Georgetta Gancarz, displays a recently self-published book.

In part two of this two part series, work towards final publication of your book.

Focus on finishing your book, promotion and online distribution.

Finalize your book and explore various options for publishing and what each option entails.

Learn about ISBN and getting one for your book.

How do you want to distribute your book?

Explore retail marketing for your book including targeting and expanding your audience.

Discover events that might be useful to your book promotion such as book fairs and museum shows.

This course is taught by Georgetta Gancarz who has written and published 16 books to date, and also teaches multiple art classes for Continuing Education.f

She explains her reason for offering this class:

"I created this class because after writing my 18th book, I wanted to give back to the community helping others to achieve publication. I wrote a book for this class and developed a publishing program. I think writing is a form of therapy. It is also a beautiful individual voice on paper. As an artist, I create worlds for people to see. As an instructor, developing talents, creativity and self expression in students is always my goal when teaching. For this class, students can write their book in any language. Creating a diverse platform was important to me, because of the wonderful diverse populations I work with everyday. Many people want to write but don't know how or where to start. This class will give them the tools and guide them through the process."


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the steps needed to write a book
  • Gain skills in thinking about your audience and future readers
  • Acquire knowledge in executing your book, including topics such as: storyline, creating chapters, choosing a title, referencing and documenting sources, and editing
  • Gain knowledge in creating the visual aspect of a book, including design, layout, illustrations

Who Should Take This Class?

Anyone interested in publishing a book.

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