Class Overview

Chinese Tea - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Do you love tea? Are you interested in cultural traditions? Learn all about Chinese tea, from enjoying the taste and experience, to the history and culture.

Chinese tea is consumed all over the world throughout the day with meals, for health, or for simple pleasure. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in gaining basic knowledge of Chinese tea including its brief history and culture, tips of blending and benefits of Chinese tea for health and wellness. Delve into the details such as water temperature depending on types of tea, how to brew a good cup of tea, best Chinese food and tea parings, and how to select a tea pot and cup.

During this workshop, learn simple Chinese expressions related Chinese tea brewing and food. No prior knowledge of Chinese tea is needed to enjoy this workshop.



Learning Outcomes

During/by the end of this workshop, you will

  • obtain basic knowledge of Chinese tea
  • learn how to brew and blend Chinese tea 
  • understand brief history and culture related to Chinese tea
  • gain benefits of Chinese tea for general health and wellness 
  • familiarize with simple Chinese expressions related to Chinese tea


Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone interested in tea, especially Chinese tea
  • People interested in Chinese culture or world cultures
  • Foodies who particularly interested in Chinese food and beverage (tea)
  • Enthusiasts who would like to obtain step-by-step guide of how to brew Chinese tea at home
  • Anyone interested in improving their health and wellness

Session Details

  • Instructor: Weihong Geiger
  • When: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $59