Class Overview

Cool Crops for Your Fall Garden - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeIt’s almost never too late to plant something to eat here in the temperate Maritime Northwest.

Late July and Early August is a perfect time to plant your garden for fall and winter harvest.

Join Lisa Taylor, celebrated local author and garden educator, in a lively exploration of the vegetable varieties that will thrive in your cool season garden.

Discover crops that are best suited for your garden and when to plant them for the biggest harvest.

Learn about local seed houses that offer beautiful and tasty varieties for you to explore and experiment with for added interest and excitement.

Expand what you can do in your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor longer this year!

Explore the other two workshops in our summer gardening series: Creative Edible Gardening and Gardening for Pollinators.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, you will have:

  • Basic knowledge about growing vegetables in late summer and fall
  • An understanding about when to plant and what to plant for fall and winter harvest.


Who Should Take this Class?

  • Beginning to intermediate gardeners who would like to increase their food growing potential. 
  • Anyone interested in growing food for fall and winter harvest -- a great way to maximize the use of your garden year-round.
  • People interested in improving their gardening skills. 
  • Gardeners who would like to learn new ideas and skills. 

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Lisa Taylor
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $19