Class Overview

Gain a solid introduction to woodworking through the construction of a carpenter's stool.

This class is specifically designed for women-identified people to learn in a supportive and laid-back environment.

The curriculum is the same as our Woodworking I class.

In this class, you will learn:

  • shop safety, including personal protection in the wood shop
  • the properties of wood and how that informs the selection and milling of lumber
  • how to properly use hand tools (hand saw, block plane, chisel and hammer) and power tools (hand drill, r
    outer, drill press and table, miter and band saws).

We'll also focus on joinery techniques, the importance of sharp tools, when to use different kinds of fasteners and adhesives, and basic methods of wood finishing.


Woodworking for Women - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the basics of woodworking
  • Explore the different tools used and learn how to use them safely
  • Create a class project in a supportive, laid-back environment

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Students who would like to continue learning the basics of woodworking
  • Women who are interested in learning more about woodworking in a supportive environment

Student Testimonials

The structure of the course was very thoughtful and the teaching methods were very thorough. For example, I liked that we were given main project and side project to work on throughout the course. The instructors Yarrow and Cooper were very helpful and knowledgeable about woodworking. They were excellent in making sure students felt safe and confident in applying the concepts we learned about the woodworking tools to actual practice. --Roxanne--

I enjoyed the preparation and learning woodworking. Especially learning with other women because it was not as intimidating. I like that we practiced a little on all the machines. I really liked the stress on learning about the wood, how the wood interacts with the machines, and machine safety. I can learn how to use a table saw on YouTube, but how likely am I to understand how to use it correctly and safely? --Rosie

I am glad we learned how to use unpowered hand tools and power tools (table saw and miter saw).

Yarrow was an excellent instructor and Cooper was an awesome aide. I would not hesitate to take a class from either of them in the future or recommend them to a friend. --Emily


This class was amazing. The instructor was great, up beat/funny all while going the extra mile to assure we were safe. Project was great and TA was knowledgeable and great addition to the class. --Turgan


[I enjoyed] all of it. I loved learning the information about wood in general, understanding how different kinds react to environmental conditions or machinery, what the structure of wood is, why certain kinds are used for different purpose. Also, love hands-on work and learning to use machines. -- Anya Gorson


Working with all women was fun and relaxing. Instructors made it non-intimidating and easy to ask questions. And fun. -- Vicki Legman

Session Details

  • Class ID: 5883
  • Instructor: Yarrow Rotskoff and Drea Berthold
  • When: 10 Wednesdays; 4/8/20-6/17/20, 5:30 PM-8:30 PM
  • Total Number of Hours: 30
  • Where: Wood Technology Center, Room WTC 105; 2310 S. Lane, Seattle WA 98144
  • Fee: $625
  • Additional Notes: First night in classroom #105, remainder in CORE Shop. No class on May 13, 2020.