Class Overview

Fingerspelling - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Is fingerspelling usually too fast to read and hard to spell out?

Develop strong skills in American Sign Language (ASL) fingerspelling and numbering, and improve your overall fluency.

In this class, build robust receptive and expressive skills.

Improve word and sentence recognition and comprehension in a conversational context.

Advance your speed, clarity and fluency in ASL.

Feel more successful in ASL by spending a few weeks focused specifically on fingerspelling.

This class is taught entirely in ASL and designed for ASL students who have taken at least 2 quarters (40 hours) of ASL or the equivalent. No textbook is required.



Learning Outcomes

  • Establish strong receptive and expressive skills in ASL fingerspelling/numbering
  • Boost word/phrase recognition
  • Improve comprehension in context
  • Advance speed, clarity and fluency
  • Develop better conversational skills through faster and smoother fingerspelling/
    numbering techniques

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisites: At least 2 quarters (40 hours) of ASL study or equivalent.

  • This class is for students who have completed at least 2 quarters of ASL or equivalent.
  • Students who are struggling to fingerspell smoothly.
  • Students who are struggling with receptive skills in fingerspelling.
  • Students who wish to improve their comprehensive receptive and expressive skills in ASL.



Session Details