Class Overview

Brazilian Portuguese - Level 1 | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationDid you know that Brazil is the only South American country that speaks Portuguese?

Portuguese spoken in Brazil is very different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

Continue exploring the beautiful language and rich culture of Brazil in this language class that is a follow up to Brazilian Portuguese - Level 1.

Led by a native speaker, build upon your Brazilian Portuguese language skills and learn to master simple conversations and improve your vocabulary.

Practice speaking and engage in conversations in Portuguese.

Expand your ability to read, write and understand basic phrases and expressions in Brazilian Portuguese.

Continue to learn about Brazil's rich cultural history, which will enhance your experience traveling in the country.


Learning Outcomes

  • Expand your Portuguese vocabulary
  • Overcome fears about speaking Portuguese, gain confidence by speaking with other students
  • Improve Portuguese pronunciation
  • Practice writing and reading Portuguese.

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: completion of basic Brazilian Portuguese (1 quarter) or preexisting knowledge of Portuguese vocabulary and simple grammar is required.

  • Anyone who has an interest in learning more Portuguese language and culture
  • People planning an upcoming trip to Brazil

Session Details