Class Overview

Have you thought much about language, what it is, how it is used and what gives it meaning?English as a Second Language Through Current Events -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Do you know much about the history or the English language?

If these questions pique your interest, you will enjoy this class!

Gain new perspectives on understanding language, and the history of the English language. 

Language is a type of code, like computer code; it is information.

You are a hydroelectric organic computing organism, organized to intake information and create something new with that information.

You are a type of computer, processing code in many ways.

Join this class to discuss the English language and learn about the origins, purpose and historical context for this code/information.

Broaden your understanding of the letters and words that are so commonplace and familiar in your life and learn how you can crack the code of the English language.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the origins, purpose and historical context for the creation of the English language.
  • Understand how language is a type of code.
  • Gain methods for cracking the code of the English language.
  • Learn how nutrition helps you learn. 

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in furthering their understanding of the English language. 
  • People who enjoy gaining new perspectives and ideas.
  • Anyone interested in the crossroads of linguistics, philosophy, language, information technology and semantics.

Session Details