Class Overview

English for Au Pairs 1

English for Au Pairs is designed specifically for au pairs (the French name for childcare workers or nannies who often come from other countries), who want to improve their U.S. English skills.

During this interactive course, you'll work with an experienced English as a second language (ESL) instructor to improve your speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar skills, centered specifically on your needs as a childcare worker or au pair.

Through group conversations, student-centered grammar practice, informal presentations, field trips, and vocabulary and listening activities, you'll gain more fluency and confidence in speaking U.S. English, including:

  • Recognizing and using both formal and informal English as appropriate
  • Understanding how verb tenses change meaning
  • Using specific pronunciation strategies to enhance clarity and fluency
  • Knowing how to ask for clarification in an effective way
  • Understanding how to find useful and relevant resources on the internet
  • Recognizing basic word forms and how they change the meaning

You'll also have fun with and meet other au pairs living and working in the Seattle area.

Learning Outcomes

  • Feel more confident in using and understanding U.S. English
  • Practice conversation skills for both work and social situations in the U.S.
  • Improve listening and comprehension skills to enhance both work and leisure time
  • Learn grammar structures that improve communication with others in speaking and writing
  • Use English to share ideas and collaborate with other au pairs in the Seattle area
  • Gain skills in using available technology and library resources to continue improving English after the course has concluded

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: Intermediate English or above -- you can participate in group conversations about everyday topics.

  • Au Pairs interested in improving their U.S. English language skills

Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed the classes with Suzanne. She's a very fun person with different topics to talk about. --Stephania

She not only taught English, but also Seattle. That was interesting and helpful. She always makes class fun! -- Bin

I enjoyed the conversations about our own traditions, countries, habits, and routines. It helped a lot. --Roxanne

All the course was amazing, but the idioms, it's so useful for me... She was excellent teacher. -- Monica


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