Class Overview

French - Level 2 | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Are you interested in practicing conversational French in a casual, meet-up style conversation group?

This online class will allow you to get to know other people while practicing French at the same time.

Build your vocabulary in French by talking about common interests, travel, food, and culture.

You will learn common phrases and idiomatic expressions that allow you to express your feelings and thoughts in a more colorful way.

In the online format, we will be able to separate into smaller groups, then come together as a larger group.

Enjoy getting to know other students and exploring French language culture together.

Build your confidence using what you have learned in French in a fun and supportive environment.

This workshop is designed for students who have completed 2 quarters (40 hours) of French study or equivalent and who have higher-level of French ability.

Learning Outcomes

During/by the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Improve French conversational skills and fluency
  • Build vocabulary
  • Learn practical expressions and phrases
  • Meet new people interested in French culture


Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: 2 quarters (40 hours) of French study or equivalent, and who have higher-level of French ability.

  • French language students who wish to improve basic conversational skills and fluency in French
  • Students who would like to learn colloquial expressions and idiomatic phrases used by native speakers
  • People who are planning to visit a French-speaking country in the future
  • French students who would like to practice casual French conversation in a friendly learning environment

Student Testimonials

Claire is an excellent instructor who maintains a good mix of homework review, in-class discussion and activities, and lecture. I think this balanced mix is the best part of the class. -- Christopher

The instructor spoke almost entirely in French selecting vocabulary and using context that we could follow even as beginning students. Conducting conversation entirely in French gave me more confidence in my ability to comprehend and begin conversing. -- Hayley

The instructor made the material fun, and had an appropriate level of intensity for a continuing education (vs. for credit) course. I really appreciate that she challenged the students by speaking in French 95% of the time. --Tifffany

Each lesson felt like a good balance of practical, every day language + practice of basic, but necessary, mechanics of the language (i.e. conjugation). -- Anonymous student

Clear understanding of language structure by instructor and her ability to explain the translations. I appreciate the time spent on each segment and not having everything crammed into one class. This was a thoughtful and informative class. -- Anonymous student

The near total immersion - speaking all in French helped me to become more comfortable thinking in French and conversing. -- Anonymous student


Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Claire Wagenseil
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $69