Class Overview

Spanish Conversation - Intermediate | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Continue practicing the conversational Spanish skills that you established in our Beginner class.

We'll continue to develop both your speaking and listening skills, as well as refine your conversation skills and build your vocabulary.

During the course, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn new vocabulary and practice words you already know related to food, books and movies
  • Review how to introduce yourself and tell your name, where you are from, where you live and what you do. You will be able to have an informal conversation asking how people are
  • Learn how to order food and describe meals and food preparation
  • Talk about your favorite book and movie
  • Listen to songs and identify and practice new and old vocabulary

Please note: This class is conducted in Spanish and requires an intermediate level of conversational experience.

Please see the Textbooks and Supplies page on this website to find out about required and suggested materials for you to bring this class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice speaking Spanish
  • Develop your grammar and pronunciation
  • Add to your vocabulary
  • Gain confidence in your conversational skills

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: Previous knowledge of Spanish at an intermediate level.

  • Students who have completed our Beginner class
  • Anyone with an intermediate level of Spanish knowledge who wants to improve their conversational skills

Student Testimonials

I'm impressed with Teresa's ability to accommodate different levels of fluency so well. She is a kind, gracious, and knowledgeable teacher. --Rachelle


Teresa was great. She made us speak in Spanish most of the time, unless we got totally lost. I really enjoyed her as a teacher.


Discussion in class was great. The instructor is totally fluent in Spanish and English, and she is very knowledgeable in general, so she is always able to explain issues to us that come up. It may be something about Spanish grammar, vocabulary or a translation of something. She always is very clear in both languages. She is inspiring.


Lots of opportunities to talk in Spanish. Teresa is a wonderful teacher -- warm, easy-going, with good ideas for class activities. -- Allison Green


Teresa modeled the way to speak first and then encouraged us to talk to each other--this was a very useful way of learning.

Session Details

  • Class ID: 6623
  • Instructor: Teresa Ramon Joffre
  • When: 10 Thursdays; 9/26/2019-12/5/2019; 5:30 PM-7:45 PM (7:30 PM on 11/21 and 12/05); no class on 11/28
  • Total Number of Hours: 22
  • Where: Broadway Edison Building, Room 4148; 1701 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122
  • Fee: $219
  • Additional Notes: No class on 11/28. Sessions on 11/21 and 12/5 end at 7:30 PM.