Class Overview

Spanish Conversation - Beginner | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education¡Hablamos español! Continue to develop your Spanish language skills and improve your speaking, reading and listening.

Focus on speaking in a culturally relevant context with other students who are also learning Spanish at a similar level.

Build vocabulary that reflects a wide variety of useful and practical situations such as describing people, making and receiving phone calls, planning weekend activities, and ordering meals.

Practice speaking and writing sentences using the present tenses and the future with the verb "ir".

Have fun advancing your skills!

Required text: Como Se Dice..?, 8th Edition. ISBN: 9780618471447.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of class, students will be able to:

• Use new vocabulary
• Say common expressions and phrases on familiar topics
• Express more detailed information on familiar topics
• Listening and read with better comprehension
• Use more grammar correctly

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: One quarter of Spanish study or equivalent (20 hours).

This course is for people who wish to improve their basic Spanish skills who have studied Spanish for one quarter or the equivalent.

Student Testimonials

Theresa is a gifted teacher. She was adept at tailoring the class to various language experience levels. The class was a lot of fun.


Teresa is just delightful and is a wonderful teacher.


I really enjoyed how approachable the instructor is, she could take on the most basic of questions and still feel like she was supporting your journey in the language. I say this because it's easy for an advanced person to come off condescending when responding to basic questions.


I loved how hands on she makes the material. Very engaging. -- Brittany Broyles


She's a very welcoming teacher and made it safe to use our bad Spanish. --Suzanne


Profesora Teresa is such a wonderful teacher, very caring and clearly enjoys what she does. --Mickey


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