Class Overview

Spanish the Natural Way - Advanced Conversation & Grammar Review | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationBuild upon your Spanish language skills and experience!

This class uses an experiential methodology, action, and humor to create a fun and low-stress learning environment.

Conducted entirely in Spanish, the class engages students in activities designed around poems, stories, interviews, role-plays, and games.

Review grammar and narrating the past, while exploring various grammar topics such as using multiple object pronouns together, future and conditional tenses, the subjunctive mood -- both present and past -- and more.

The focus and topics of this class will change each quarter, so you can continue to take this class throughout the year with new material to continue your Spanish education.

You will be expected to read in Spanish outside of class and do some fun and creative homework.

Prospective students are welcome to observe a class before deciding to join.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to share views on topics including:
    • relationships and personal values
    • social issues and challenges affecting modern society
    • the future and personal goals
  2. Students will use new grammar structures to practice:
    • giving commands
    • offering advice
    • making suggestions and persuading others
    • expressing opinions using the Indicative and Subjunctive
    • talking about the future
  3. Students will be able to hypothesize about:
    • the present
    • the past
    • express hypothetical reactions
  4. Students will create and roleplay dialogs and action stories.
  5. Students will discuss assigned poems/stories in class and, as homework, compose short essays/poems—in writing--using readings as inspiration.


Who Should Take this Class?

  • Students who have very good comprehension (class conducted solely in Spanish) and want to review and build on conversational skills and grammar structures.
  • Prerequisites: Working knowledge of present tense, informal future and basic knowledge of preterit and imperfect past tenses.

Student Testimonials

This is the best Spanish class I've taken and I've taken Spanish at four other schools. -- Lori

I couldn’t imagine a better class to suit the needs of working adults. Excellent! -- Megan

I think the class is a huge value, and I'm so glad you offer it. -- Anonymous student
It's been really positive. The class is relaxed. The teacher is attentive. The environment feels safe. The rooms are well labeled (important for a newbie). Everything's been great. Thank you. -- Anonymous student
I have wanted to speak Spanish with fluency for such a long time, and I am grateful for the learning environment you create in your classroom every week. -- Anonymous student

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