Class Overview

Do you have Scottish or Irish ancestry or an interest in Gaelic culture, history and sites?The Gaels: History, Art, and Mythology Photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

People around the world feel a connection to the lands of Scotland and Ireland.

Many people can trace their ancestry back to Scotland and Ireland, but often the language and culture of those who emigrated has been left behind.

The Gaels, the speakers of the Gaelic language, have a long and fascinating history.

In this course, gain an understanding of this history and how it manifests itself in the art and mythology of the people.

Explore who the Gaels are, the reasons why people left their homeland, and how this was expressed in their art and culture.

Discover the relationship between language, culture, and identity for the Gaelic people.

Learn about the history of Scotland and Ireland from the Roman period to the present.

Gain a greater appreciation of the rich and lively Gaelic culture today.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you be able to:

  • Define the linguistic and cultural group referred to as the Gaels
  • Better understand the relationship between language, culture and identity
  • Understand the history of the Gaels, and the influence of historical events in the art and mythology of the people.
  • Understanding of the history of Scotland and Ireland from the Roman period to today
  • Have familiarity with contemporary issues related to language, culture, and identity of the Gaelic people and culture

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone interested in Scottish and Irish history
  • People interested in history, art, and mythology surrounding the people who speak the Gaelic language
  • People with Irish and Scottish ancestry wanting to better understand the Gaelic history

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