Class Overview

120 Years of Dance in The Movies (Part II) - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeDiscover the technological advances, social changes, and economic impact of modern society's evolution over the past century -- through dance from the silver screen! This class is the second in the series, though you need not have taken the first.

Through a different set of spectacular dance scenes (not shown in Part I), examine three different dances each week, reflecting true aspects of modern life. New perspectives are gained through discussion and analysis of story, music, lyrics, costuming, casting, direction, and movement styles. Explore important social and economic factors underscoring the dances.

Enjoy the work of Charlie Chaplin, Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Sammy Davis, Jr., Chita Rivera, Juliet Prowse, David Merrick, Michael Bennett, Agnes de Mille, Michael Kidd, and more. Discover more about the work than you might have first experience through discussion, in-depth review and close examination.  Learn the back stories, intentions and meaning behind some of the best dances on film. Step behind the scenes for movie dances demystified!

This course is part of our Senior Series, courses designed for older students offered during the daytime on diverse topics, though students of all ages are welcome.


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge about choreography methods and techniques
  • Become familiar with the casting history of selected dance segments
  • Understand technology changes’ effects for dance on film
  • Gain insight into the social and economic implications depicted and underscoring the dances
  • Identify areas of social change through movement and music

Who Should Take this Class?

Note: Students need NOT to have taken Part I of 120 Years of Dance in The Movies (though this is a great follow-up if you enjoyed that class!)

  • Everyone who enjoys learning about history through the lens of music, dance, and film
  • People who enjoy the course’s renowned dance scenes, dancers, choreographers, and filmmakers of bygone eras
  • Anyone who is interested in experiencing dance in the movies even if you are not familiar with this genre or era
  • People interested in the development of social norms and cultural change.


Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Claudia Lawrey
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $89