Class Overview

Programming for Non-Programmers Certificate -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Virtually every organization today is reliant on their website.

In this digital age, managing or working with computer programmers is now an important part of every organization.

Learn to communicate technically with programming teams or learn to code a bit yourself.

Begin by learning about how programming works, including processes, timelines and how projects are planned.

Then learn the basic concepts of programming, so you can communicate more effectively with programmers and techies.

Finally, pick up the communication strategies to make your projects more successful, creating a win-win situation for both you and your programmers.

This online course is offered through our educational partner, LERN.

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How Programming Works

With virtually every organization now involved or even dependent on programming, managing or working with programmers is now an important part of your toolkit.

This course will give you a basic understanding as a non-programmer on how programming works, the programming process, project timelines and ways you can help your techie or tech team in project success.

You will learn what you need to know as a non-programmer to successfully work with or manage the project in terms of budget, personal, and timelines.

Basic Programming

Concepts If you wish to communicate technically with programming teams or wish to code a bit yourself, this course is for you.

A lot of programming languages are very similar, and knowing what’s common between all programming languages will help non-programmers communicate more efficiently with programmers, help aspiring programmers get started or transition into any programming language.

Communicating with Programmers

Discover win-win tips on communicating with programmers to make your project go more smoothly and efficiently. Just one tip may make the difference between a timeline being met or misunderstanding being clarified.

Every occupation has some unique characteristics, terms, approaches, and ways of thinking and professional motivations.

Come away with strategies for communicating with your techie, consultant or tech team for a win-win working relationship.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of computer programming and various programming languages.
  • Acquire all the basics of HTML and CSS.
  • Learn the relationship between these two industry-standard web page coding languages and the step by step process of hand coding and building web pages.
  • Become familiar with the advanced features of CSS and how to use it.

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Beginners with an interest in coding basics
  • Website managers who lack basic coding skills and would like to be able to do more
  • People who manage or collaborate with web designers and developers
  • Project managers in tech
  • Marketing professional who want to take expand their skills

Session Details

  • Class ID: 8235
  • Instructor: Seattle Central Staff
  • When: Flexible start dates
  • Total Number of Hours: 48
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $495