Class Overview

Yoga Teacher Training - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Deepen your yoga practice by becoming a certified yoga instructor and get certified to share your love of yoga with others! This rewarding intensive yoga teacher training program is all online, in real time through videoconferencing. Learn from instructor Dee Williams, owner of Kanjin Yoga, alongside a community of yogis.

This yoga certification program is a great fit if you:

  • Want to learn more about yoga and strengthen your practice
  • Are interested in teaching yoga
  • Would like to refresh and renew your yoga education through exploration and expansion of new techniques
  • Need a more affordable option than some of the upscale studios

During this 200-hour program, you'll learn the following:

    • Fundamentals of Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga
    • How to structure a class
    • Yoga Teacher Training - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeUse of props
    • Movement dynamic
    • Proper modifications
    • Meditation techniques
    • Effective cueing
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Yoga philosophy
    • Nutritional concepts

Graduates of this class will receive certification from Seattle Central College and are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance.

This course is being offered through GoToMeeting videoconferencing. It is live, in real-time, and you will be interacting online with the instructor and fellow students.

RYA-SCHOOL-RYS-200Yoga Teacher Training Photo4- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College







Schedule Information

Dates: 1/4-3/22/2021

Days and times:

Yoga Teacher Training Photo3- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Mondays: 6-9:30 pm
Wednesdays: 6 pm-9:30 pm
Fridays: 6-9:30 pm
Saturdays:  8 am- 5 pm
See specific dates and times listed below.
No class on 1/16, 1/18, 2/13 and 2/15.

NOTE: The instruction and information about online course access will be provided by the instructor. A portion of this course may be recorded for shared learning and review during this course only, and any recordings will be deleted after the end of the quarter. A personal computer with camera and microphone is required. Material and supply fees are not included in the class fee.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this class, you'll be able to:

  • Teach popular poses in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga styles
  • Adapt and modify common poses using props
  • Provide guidance and feedback to students
  • Structure an effective class
  • Register for RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Yoga practitioners who would like to teach professionally
  • Experienced yoga practitioners who would like to deepen their yoga practices
  • People who have taught yoga who would like to complete a teacher training and become officially registered with the Yoga Alliance

Student Testimonials

You guys did an awesome job. I feel prepared to put together sequences on my own and have confidence to be creative. I learned so much about yoga's history and methodology. I am very satisfied. -- Chloe Allmand, Bellingham WA

I really enjoyed my time at the training and I feel confident being let out into the yoga world. -- Hannah Nash, Seattle WA

Overall the intensive was very well thought out, topics were thoroughly researched and presented with great enthusiasm. I left with a lot more knowledge and confidence. -- Emey Robinson, Nassau Bahamas

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Dee Williams
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $2,199
Yoga Teacher Training Photo2- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Yoga Teacher Training Photo5- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Dates & Times

Session Location Date Day Time Total Hours
1 Online 4-Jan Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
2 Online 6-Jan Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
3 Online 8-Jan Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
4 Online 9-Jan Sat 8am - 5pm 8
5 Online 11-Jan Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
6 Online 13-Jan Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
7 Online 15-Jan Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
OFF 16-Jan Sat 8am - 5pm holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day - long weekend
OFF 18-Jan Mon 6pm - 9:30pm holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day - long weekend
8 Online 20-Jan Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
9 Online 22-Jan Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
10 Online 23-Jan Sat 8am - 5pm 8
11 Online 25-Jan Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
12 Online 27-Jan Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
13 Online 29-Jan Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
14 Online 30-Jan Sat 8am - 5pm 8
15 Online 1-Feb Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
16 Online 3-Feb Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
17 Online 5-Feb Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
18 Online 6-Feb Sat 8am - 5pm 8
19 Online 8-Feb Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
20 Online 10-Feb Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
21 Online 12-Feb Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
OFF 13-Feb Sat 8am - 5pm holiday President's Day - long weekend
OFF 15-Feb Mon 6pm - 9:30pm holiday President's Day - long weekend
22 Online 17-Feb Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
23 Online 19-Feb Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
24 Online 20-Feb Sat 8am - 5pm 8
25 Online 22-Feb Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
26 Online 24-Feb Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
27 Online 26-Feb Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
28 Online 27-Feb Sat 8am - 3pm 8
29 Online 1-Mar Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
30 Online 3-Mar Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
31 Online 5-Mar Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
32 Online 6-Mar Sat 8am - 3pm 8
33 Online 8-Mar Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
34 Online 10-Mar Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
35 Online 12-Mar Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
36 Online 13-Mar Sat 8am - 5pm 8
37 Online 15-Mar Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
38 Online 17-Mar Wed 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
39 Online 19-Mar Fri 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5
40 Online 20-Mar Sat 8am - 5pm 8
41 Online 22-Mar Mon 6pm - 9:30pm 3.5