Class Overview

Medical Transcription -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

This course will prepare you to work at as a medical transcriptionist.

Gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed on the job in the medical industry.

Medical transcription professionals play a key role in providing accurate medical

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of transcribing the notes dictated by a healthcare provider after a patient interaction.

Every patient interaction results in notes from the care provider, and all of these notes need to be transcribed before they can be added to the patient’s medical record.

Not only do you need to be able to understand complicated medical terminology, you also need a basic understanding of anatomy, pharmacology, etc. as well as the ability to make out what mumbling and distracted doctors are saying; therefore training is essential.

The industry is evolving to include two important and distinct roles:
• Medical transcriptionists who type (or transcribe) the dictations of doctor-patient interactions, creating the reports that are included in patients' medical records.
• Medical transcription editors who are specialized medical transcriptionists focused on correcting and editing the written reports generated by speech recognition software, which electronically transcribes dictations into text.

Medical transcription is primarily a work-from-home occupation, giving you the opportunity to have a professional career from the comfort of your own home.

Most healthcare providers outsource their medical transcription work to national healthcare documentation companies, which hire medical transcription professionals from all over the country to transcribe and edit the records from their homes in an online, virtual work environment.

More About the Course

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity has approved this training program and certified that our course prepares you for successful employment.

This course if offered online through our educational partner Career Step, who specializes in healthcare career training.

As an online course, you will have one-on-one access to dedicated instructors with years of professional experience in addition to graduate advisors to help you turn your education into a job

This course is 640 hours and will take 4-8 months to complete.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the skills you need to work in as a medical transcription professional or editor
  • Learn basic medical terminology and a basic understanding of anatomy, pharmacology and common medical descriptions
  • Gain experience transcribing authentic physician dictations with guidance and support from professionals
  • Become familiar with speech recognition technology

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in a career as a medical transcription professional or editor
  • People looking for a pathway to employment interested in career opportunities in the medical field
  • People looking for professional opportunities working from home

Computer Specifications

Since the course is completely online, your computer will play an important role in your learning experience.

We recommend the following minimum computer system specifications:


  • Active internet connection (high speed/broadband connection recommended)
  • 800 X 600 minimum resolution (1024 X 768 or higher recommended)
  • Sound card and speakers (earphones recommended)
  • Available USB port


  • Adobe Flash Player (ver. 10 or higher)
  • Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)
  • PDF reader


  • Internet Explorer 7.x/8.x/9.x, Firefox 3.x or Safari 4.x or greater (Mac only)
  • Javascript and cookies must be enabled

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows (XP®, Vista®, 7 with latest service pack) or Mac OS X (10.4.11 or greater)


Session Details

  • Class ID: 8241
  • Instructor: Career Step Staff
  • When: Open enrollment & self-paced
  • Total Number of Hours: 640
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $3,199
  • Additional Notes: The Medical Transcription Editor program is estimated at 640 completion hours and the Medical Transcription training program is estimated at 570 completion hours. Since the programs are completely self-paced and the online training format allows you the flexibility to study as much or as little as your schedule allows, the time it takes you to complete the course will vary from other students. Some students are able to complete their 640 hour training program in as little as 4 months (working on the course full-time, 8 hours a day 5 days a week) and others, who are more limited in the time they can devote to the course, take longer (for example, students who can devote about 20 hours a week may finish the 640 hour MTE program in about 8 months).Every student who enrolls in a Career Step training program receives an initial 4-month period of enrollment. Though the programs are designed to be completed in 4 months of full-time study, you'll have a full year to complete your training. If