Class Overview

Certificate in Grantwriting Image - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

The world of grants seeking is becoming more competitive. Gain the skills to become a successful grant writer either as the head of an organization, program manager or as a fund developer.

Learn a series of key skills related to project design, development and persuasive writing skills.

Topics will include:

  • Grant writing as an essential skill for organization leaders, program managers and fund developers;
  • Prospect research -- learning where to find grants and best approach to research
  • Project development – using the logic model to design your project
  • Formulating goals, outcomes and objectives
  • Preparing a project work plan and timeline
  • Budgeting your project
  • The evaluation component
  • Editing for persuasive communications
  • Packaging your document for either snail mail or e-mail
  • Building relationships with grantmakers and ethics

In order to achieve the certificate, you will need to complete a grant proposal within the eight weeks, following the course curriculum.

Your instructor, Allison Shirk, has more than twenty years’ experience writing grants.

She will guide you through this process step-by-step.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to develop proposals that will help you win grants
  • Properly outline goals for grants
  • Get skills in how to present your proposal
  • Work on your specific project with expert guidance

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Nonprofit founders, program managers, or employees who are responsible for securing funding
  • Fund development consultants who are interested in honing their skills
  • Freelance writers interested in expanding their available services
  • Anyone interested in a career in nonprofits, fund development, or grantwriting

Student Testimonials

"I walked away with all I expected and more! I'm inspired."

"I learned so much from your grant writing classes - can't wait to make use of my new skill and have a positive impact. I met some lovely classmates (virtually) too!

"The class was well organized and informative, the tools and resources shared were applicable to real world scenarios, and class discussions were casual and interesting."

"Great! The coursework and videos are high quality. I appreciate how easy it is to use the coursework site."

"The instructor is very well organized and personable."

"Thank you so much for this class!! It helped give me the confidence to go out and get my dream job and I feel so much more prepared for anything grant-related that comes my way!"

"I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot!"

"I enjoyed the opportunity to get more one on one interaction with the instructor to increase my understanding."

"Great class. Very eye opening to fundamentals of grantwriting as well as in depth evaluating."

"The lessons learned in class go far beyond grantwriting; I will apply them to all aspects of managing my non-profit. Thank you!"

"Having started with almost no knowledge about grants I now feel equipped to go out there and get funding. It worked!"

"I feel much more knowledgeable and prepare. The lessons, resources provided, assignments, and feedback did an excellent job of helping me feel confident and prepared to undertake writing a grant."

"I thought this class was very helpful and I feel confident that I now have a solid foundation to start with. I have much more confidence and feel better prepared to write a grant proposal."

"After taking this course on grant writing, I now feel much more confident in my abilities to create a strong grant application. In this class we covered all the different parts of how to write a grant and I feel that when I begin actually writing them in the future, I will have a good foundation to work from. Not only do we get to practice writing out a real grant edited by a practiced grant writer, but Prof. Shirk also gives us tips for every step in the process--like where to look for grants, what grant makers usually want in an application and templates to help get us started. She covered everything that we would need to know when sending out real grant proposals including how to follow up and build rapport with grant makers. I didn't just learn how to write a grant but rather how to be a grant writer."

"I feel like I have a solid understanding of basic grant writing processes and best practices. I didn't know much about grant writing before this class, and now I feel like I have knowledge that I can build upon."

"I had very little information about how the grant world functions! Now I can honestly say I have the right tools to navigate different resources to write a winning proposal. This class provided me with the tools from start to finish. Although I don't imagine myself becoming freelancer anytime soon, I feel confident that with practice I will be able to write a fairly good grant. Less than 2 months ago I wouldn't make such claim! So, thank you Allison!"

"I feel confident in my ability to find grant application opportunities, put together a compelling proposal, and cultivate a positive relationship with grant makers. I know that I have a lot to learn in terms of applying the skills I've learned here to specific, real-life non-profits, but I am excited to start!"

Instructor, Location & Fee

  • Instructor: Allison Shirk
  • Where: Online: Real-time and interactive through videoconferencing
  • Fee: $499