Class Overview

If you've ever dreamed about being a professional food writer such as a restaurant critic, a food journalist, a cookbook author, a food blogger, or working in food public relations -- then this is the course for you.How to Break In and Succeed as a Professional Food Writer Photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Taught by a classically trained chef, noted restaurant critic, and internationally published cookbook author, this class offers the inside tips and techniques you need in order to come up with a flood of ideas, write powerful pitches, get exciting jobs, write the content, and make the money.

Perfect for anyone with no experience in food writing, as well as anyone who dreams of getting their food writing career onto the fast track.

Discover how to find, interview, and write about chefs and food producers.

Gain practical feedback about how to break into food journalism and get connected to the right people in the industry.

Develop an understanding of key terminology, ethics and standard communication practices to be successful developing your career.

Explore various aspects of the food industry that you could pursue, how to approach each one and find your voice.

Gain practical inside information and techniques you need in this fun, interactive, and supportive class to turn your love for food from a passion into a career.

Professional cooking or writing experience is not required, just the ability to write in English.

Please bring a notebook and pen OR laptop to class plus the recommended text: How to Write about Food: How to Become a Published Restaurant Critic, Food Journalist, Cookbook Author, and Food Blogger (ASIN: B007J75YTY). Check online for best prices.



Learning Outcomes

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

Understand the five key areas for food writers – food journalism, restaurant critic, cookbook author, food blogger, and food public relations
Write articles, blog posts, cookbooks, restaurant reviews, and food-oriented news releases.

Knowledge areas covered
1. Food journalism: how to break in, how to generate ideas, how to write articles
2. Restaurant critic: how to write about food, how to review meals
3. Cookbook author: how to find an agent and publisher, how to develop and write recipes
4. Food blogger: how to write content that grabs readers, how to find your voice, how to write
and edit including how to banish writer’s block
5. Food public relations: how to write releases that generate invaluable press


Who Should Take This Class?

Anyone who has ever dreamed of turning their love of food from a passion into a career.


Session Details

  • Class ID: 5806
  • Instructor: S.J. Sebellin-Ross
  • When: 9 Thursdays; 4/9/20-6/4/20, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
  • Total Number of Hours: 18
  • Where: Broadway Edison Building, Room 4159; 1701 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122
  • Fee: $199