Real Estate and Appraisal Training - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Gain the education needed for a career in real estate or as an appraiser in Washington State.

If you are seeking a career in real estate, or have professional or personal interest in gaining an in-depth introduction to the field of real estate brokerage or real estate appraising, these courses are for you.

Real estate and appraisal classes at Seattle Central College's Continuing Education are taught by experienced professionals with over 35 years in the industry.

Online classes make learning more convenient for you, and instructors remain engaged with each class, monitoring your progress and answering your questions.

Each course is designed to give you plenty of time to do the coursework and finish the exams that are required to successfully complete the course.

All of the course content will be available for you to download and save for future and ongoing reference.

Many of the courses have manuals that are designed and authored by the instructors and included free with the course.

Learning is self-paced (except for project due dates) and instructors are available to review your work and answer questions during regular business days.

Learn about Washington Real Estate & Appraiser pre-licensing requirements.

Real Estate Required Courses

  1. Washington Real Estate Fundamentals, 60 clock hours, $339
  2. Real Estate Practices, 30 clock hours, $199
    (Note: We generally recommend completing the Washington Real Estate Fundamentals course first, before taking the Real Estate Practices course. However, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.)

Real Estate Appraiser Pre-Licensing Courses

  1. Principles of Appraising, 30 clock hours, $199
  2. Appraisal Procedures, 30 clock hours, $199
  3. Supervising the Trainee Appraiser, 4 clock hours, $75
  4. Residential Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use, 15 clock hours, $175
  5. Residential Site Valuation & Cost Approach, 15 clock hours, $175
  6. Residential Report Writing, 15 clock hours, $175
  7. Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach, 30 clock hours, $199
This school is approved under chapter 18.85 RCW; inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be
made to the: Washington State Department of Licensing, Real Estate Program, P.O. Box 9015, Olympia, WA