Class Overview

This advanced course in residential valuation meets criteria set by the Appraisal Foundation for Basic Appraisal Procedures and is approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Students apply knowledge learned in "Principles of Appraising” by developing graded form reports and applying techniques to narrative reports.Real Estate full image - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College


Class Content

  1. Land attributes
  2. Real estate values
  3. Legal considerations
  4. Real estate, real property, personal property, and fixtures
  5. Encroachments and adverse possessions
  6. Forms of property ownership
  7. Price and value
  8. Districts and neighborhoods
  9. Market segmentation
  10. Market analysis
  11. Federal monetary and fiscal policies
  12. Valuation process
  13. Highest and best use
  14. Site valuation
  15. Three approaches to value: cost Approach, sales comparison, and income approach
  16. Real estate description terms
  17. Math problems:  area, volume, percentages, fractions, and decimals
  18. Statistical terms
  19. Compounding and discounting calculations
  20. Calculations: mortgage payments, terms, interest rate, and constants


This course has a required textbook: Basic Appraisal Procedures. ISBN 9781598442403. 3rd Edition Revised 2014 2nd Printing.


Shirley Baenen is our principle instructor, and she is co-author of all the courses. Shirley is your direct contact during your course, and she answers student questions weekdays from nine to five.

Robert W. Corl is our co-instructor. Bob is also co-author of the real estate and appraisal courses, and principal designer. Bob works behind the scenes to make sure that everything flows correctly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the five attributes of land
  • Describe the legal considerations that affect real estate appraisal. Define price and valu
  • Identify the four stages of a neighborhood’s life cycle.
  • Apply three of the techniques for site valuation, including allocation, extraction, and sales comparison met
  • Explain the Sales Comparison valuation met Explain the Income Approach valuation
  • Explain the Cost Approach valuation method

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisites: Students should enroll in and complete Principles of Appraising prior to enrolling in Appraisal Procedures; also required: basic computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Required prior to registering as an Appraiser Trainee in Washington State
  • Recommended for real estate professionals interested in pre-licensing and continuing education
  • Real estate buyers, sellers and investors
  • Individuals seeking a basic understanding of the real estate valuation process
  • The course is approved for continuing education for real estate licensees by Department of Licensing.

Session Details

  • Class ID: 8229
  • Instructor: Shirley Baenen
  • When: Self-Paced; 1/6/20-3/25/20. Last date to register is 1/13.
  • Total Number of Hours: 30
  • Where: , Room Online;
  • Fee: $199