Class Overview

This Real Estate course is approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) for pre-licensing education and is the second required course prior to first broker’s license.

Seasoned real estate instructors will answer your questions and give you feedback on your works.

This course includes practical application of industry forms.

The course content fulfills the state-mandated 30-hour Real Estate Practices requirement for those planning to take the state broker’s license, and is best taken subsequent to the Real Estate Fundamentals course

Class Content

  1. Business Skills and Procedures Overview
  2. Agency Relationship Identification
  3. Listing Property
  4. Evaluating and Pricing Property
  5. Marketing Property
  6. Negotiation and Sales Techniques
  7. Purchase and Sale Agreements with Earnest Money Provisions
  8. Residential Financing and The Closing Process
  9. Real Estate Math (Quiz)


This course has a required textbook: Modern Real Estate Practice, ISBN 9781475463729. 20th Edition, Updated 19th 2016.


Shirley Baenen is our principle instructor, and she is co-author of all the courses. Shirley is your direct contact during your course, and she answers student questions weekdays from nine to five.

Robert W. Corl is our co-instructor. Bob is also co-author of the real estate and appraisal courses, and principal designer. Bob works behind the scenes to make sure that everything flows correctly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand real estate forms in current use
  • Experience the transaction process in property transfers
  • Demonstrate knowledge in qualifying buyers
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pricing property for buyers and sellers

Who Should Take this Class?

NOTE: This course has a prerequisite. Students should enroll in and complete Washington Real Estate Fundamentals prior to enrolling in Real Estate Practices.

  • This course is recommended as pre-licensing and continuing education for real estate professionals.
  • It is also designed for real estate buyers, sellers and investors, as well as individuals wanting a hands-on practicum in understanding and completing basic real estate forms currently in use.

Session Details

  • Class ID: 8227
  • Instructor: Shirley Baenen
  • When: Self-Paced; 1/6/20-3/25/20. Last date to register is 1/13.
  • Total Number of Hours: 30
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $199