Class Overview

Residential report writing is deeply rooted in appraisal professional standards and best practices of an appraiser when communicating the opinions and conclusions of a residential appraisal.

This course commences with a detailed discussion of USPAP rules and the reporting options permitted by STANDARD 2.

Appraisal writing skills are then overviewed along with several examples of how the reasoning of an appraiser is expressed in typical appraisal reporting situations.

Common reporting issues are then explored to illustrate the level of detail required in appraisal commentary so that appraisal reports are clear and not misleading (or fraudulent).

Finally, the most common residential appraisal reporting form, the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR), will be fully illustrated along with the requirements of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD).

The course concludes with an overview of several of the most common residential appraisal forms.

Within each section of the course are numerous compelling case studies to assist reinforcement of learning.

The current version of USPAP is recommended for reference during the course.

This course is approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing.


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Chapter 1 - Appraisal Reporting and USPAP
Chapter 2 - Effective Writing and Reasoning Skills in Report Writing
Chapter 3 – Common Issues in Report Writing
Chapter 4 – Residential Appraisal Reporting Forms
Four Cases Studies to be completed by the student


Residential Report Writing and Case Studies, 2nd edition, Hondros Learning™, Copyright © 2011, ISBN#: 978-159844-2267


Shirley Baenen is our principle instructor, and she is co-author of all the courses. Shirley is your direct contact during your course, and she answers student questions weekdays from nine to five.

Robert W. Corl is our co-instructor. Bob is also co-author of the real estate and appraisal courses, and principal designer. Bob works behind the scenes to make sure that everything flows correctly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe USPAP appraisal reporting requirements.
  • Explain the level of content and detail necessary in compliance of the USPAP reporting options permitted by Standard Rule 2-2 as well as to address the needs of intended users.
  • Apply reasoning skills for composing expanded explanation of certain reporting elements.
  • Recall common appraisal reporting issues that appraisers must manage.
  • Describe the processes for reporting appraisal information on the URAR and Market Conditions Addendum.
  • Demonstrate proper data entry of required fields that conform to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset for appraisal submission.


Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisites: Understanding of the Principles of Appraising is strongly recommended along with basic computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. No prior real estate knowledge is needed.

This course is required prior to taking the exam for Licensed Appraiser or Certified Residential Appraiser in Washington State.


Session Details

  • Class ID: 8233
  • Instructor: Shirley Baenen
  • When: Self-Paced; 1/6/20-3/25/20. Last date to register is 1/13.
  • Total Number of Hours: 15
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $175