Class Overview

Revit - Level 3 | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Building on what you learned during Revit - Level 2, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Create topographic surfaces
  • Add property lines and building pads
  • Modify toposurfaces with subregions, splitting surfaces and grading the regions
  • Annotate site plans and add site components
  • Work with Shared Coordinates
  • Create structural grids and add columns
  • Add foundation walls and footings
  • Add beams and beam systems
  • Create framing elevations and add braces
  • Placing Mass Elements
  • Creating Conceptual Massing
  • Setting the Work Plane
  • Dynamic Editing for Conceptual Massing
  • Working with Profiles and Edges
  • Moving from Massing to Building
  • Space Planning
  • Area Analysis
  • Creating Color Schemes
  • Creating Perspective Views
  • Working with Graphic Display Options
  • Adding Exploded Views
  • Setting Up Solar Studies
  • Producing Basic Renderings
  • Working with Lighting
  • Enhancing Renderings
  • Creating Materials
  • Creating Walkthroughs
  • Conceptual Mass Families

Learning Outcomes

  • Build on the knowledge you gained during Revit - Level 2
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Revit software
  • Experience significant hands-on instruction and guidance on using the software

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Revit - Level 2, or previous experience with Revit. Basic computer skills (able to use the keyboard and mouse) and the ability to comprehend English.

  • Contractors
  • Junior-level industrial designers
  • Engineers seeking to improve their skill-set

Session Details

  • Class ID: 8225
  • Instructor: Colin Moy
  • When: 7 Tuesdays, Thursdays; 5/21/19-6/11/19; 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
  • Total Number of Hours: 17.5
  • Where: Broadway Edison Building, Room 1139D; 1701 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122
  • Fee: $599
  • Additional Notes: If this level is not taken within the same quarter as Level 1, an additional computer lab fee may be required.