Do You have an AmeriCorps Grant?

You may be able to use your educational award to pay for Continuing Education (non-credit) classes

Registration Instructions

Here's how to use your grant to pay for Seattle Central Continuing Education classes:

  1. Apply for Admission
    • You can apply for admission to Seattle Central online or in person at the Admissions Office, room Broadway Edison 1104.
    • On your application, indicate that you're applying for non-credit Continuing Education classes.
  2. Register for Continuing Education Classes
    • Contact us by phone 206.934.5448, or visit us in person at the Continuing Education Office, room BE1139 I.
  3. Authorize Payment

Please Note: This process applies specifically to classes administered by Seattle Central College; if you'd like to use your AmeriCorps funds to pay for a class through our online education partner Ed2Go, please work with them directly

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