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Professional Development Classes

Professional Development Classes - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Professional Development courses are tailored to fit your career goals, designed to keep up with industry trends. Improve your professional skills to stay on the competitive edge of your industry, create career opportunities by expanding your knowledge and experience or increase professional confidence and opportunities for advancement.

Course areas include:

Specialized formats include:

Personal Enrichment Classes

Personal enrichment classes - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeWant to learn how to paint? Need to fine-tune your French? Looking to build a new table for your back porch? We've got a class for you!

Personal enrichment classes are taught by experts in their fields. Explore a new a new interest, improve your skills and meet people with shared interests. Topics include:

Industry Training

Industry Training Classes - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College Continuing Education's Industry Training offers innovative education and certification for businesses in Washington State. Opportunities include:


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